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Are We A Good Fit?

So, now you’re wondering if we’re a good fit? Well, I’ll start off by telling you a bit more about our team. We work strictly with female entrepreneurs (almost exclusively in the wellness industry) who are passionate about what they do. If that’s you, keep reading.
Maybe you need someone to help keep your head above water, does it sometimes feel like you’re drowning? In emails, in comparing programs, trying to figure out marketing, building a website that actually draws your potential customers to it AND looks gorgeous? We do that and more. We help shoulder the stress it takes to run a business, we provide guidance backed by years of experience. We honestly believe that what Sophia Amoruso says in #GIRLBOSS, “Compete with yourself, not others.” is an important attitude female entrepreneurs need! We all rise with the tide! So, if these things make you feel a bit tingly, or maybe like clinking a glass of champagne with us, than you definitely need to hit the button below so we can meet each other!

"Can You Remember Who You Were, Before The World Told You Who You Should Be?"

~Glennon Doyle

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A few of the things we do best:

Behind every successful woman, is a group of women who have her back.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"One of the very best things I ever did for my business was to hire Tifanee & her team to manage my business. Not only have I seen exponential growth, but they have kept me organized, have optimized my social media platforms and have been instrumental in helping me plan how I want to grow moving forward. By far the BEST Virtual Assistant I have ever had, and believe me, I've had many! Cheers to the team at Beautiful Business Management, you take the stress out of being an entrepreneur."

|Author, Public Figure & Yogini | Dianne Bondy Yoga

Dianne Bondy

"Working with BBM has changed the way I'm able to work and function as a business owner and a busy therapist. Before getting connected with them, I handled everything in my business and had a really hard time letting go of anything. BBM worked with me and showed me the benefits of giving up tasks that I thought couldn't be handled by anyone else but me. Now, after just a few months of working with them, I feel comfortable, prepared and able to focus on the parts of my job as a therapist that are the most important - seeing clients! I would highly recommend them as a team, and wouldn't have anyone else in my corner helping me and my clinic grow."

|M.A. RP Therapist, managing director| Bloom psychology

Meghan Watson

"Tifanee and her team at Beautiful Business Management have managed my business in a way that I didn't think was possible. The have taken a huge amount of stress off of me, and have made it possible for me to finally have a steady paycheque after 10+ years! They've handled everything in my business expertly and have helped me to have a solid plan moving forward that WORKS! I can honestly say that I wouldn't still be in business if I hadn't hired them. They've done everything for me from my website to my SOP's.

Ashley Pedersen

"I have been working with Beautiful Business Management for a few months and it has really brought my stress down. I find the ladies very approachable, timely and full of great ideas. I have enjoyed the mix of personalities and expertise that this group of women brings. They do a great job in helping me manage my vagina business!"

|Owner, pelvic health pt| mommy berries

Melissa Dessaulles

"As a burgeoning business, we have been invaluably guided by the all star team at Beautiful Business Management. They have helped us to develop and grow our social media, advising us on everything from colours to content that will best reflect not only our message as people, but the message of the book we are about to launch. We are grateful to the team at BBM for helping to launch our book and make it the success we know it will be!"

|Social Worker, author| developmental psychologist|

Christine .Q & Anne Marie .D

"The BBM team was super easy and pleasant to work with. They were very transparent about the process of building my custom website and brought the vision I had to life! 😊 I appreciate their ongoing quick response to troubleshooting and edits. Overall a really wonderful and personalized experience working with them! 🥰"

|RT (Qualifying) | Samara psychotherapy

Mira Persaud

"Beautiful Business Management has been an invaluable support for me as I moved from leading an international non-profit to the new world of entrepreneurship. Tifanee, Reichel, Tonya and their team have helped me launch and run the full breadth of my business. Tifanee, with her creative gifts and innovative spirit, have been a delightful partner for me as I moved through various stages of starting my business. I am deeply grateful for this team and how they have impacted my life and work."

Founder of Embody the Revolution |Somatic Practitioner| Author

Melissa Kaplan

"A girl knows her limits, but a wise girl knows she has none."

~Marilyn Monroe

Let Us Help You Get Back to Your Passions!

As entrepreneurs, we try everything to make our business work. Some of you are doctors, yogis, artists, authors and so on. You have highly specialized skills and spent years training to be amazing at what you do! So did we! We know marketing, design, websites, management and more and we know how to tailor to female entrepreneurs. So instead of sitting their in pain and frustration, chat with us, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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Just send an email or book a free consult and ask away! I love answering questions for women and providing any education I can. Whether you go with us or not, we're more than happy to answer questions. Our goal in business is to help other female entrepreneurs succeed, whether they are our clients or not, we want to see you find your full potential and celebrate your wins!

More questions?

You most definitely can! One of our biggest goals is to have happy, confident, stress free clients. We only ask for 14 days notice. While our clients pay on the first of each month, if you aren't happy with our service, or you have another appropriate reason for cancelling service, we will always pro-rate you if you are midway through the month. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Ya, tell me about it! Don't we all have that issue as business owners? It gets to the point where you're just like, "I can't keep up with this anymore, I have no idea what I'm doing and everything I try doesn't work!" But it's still hard to give it up, because your business is YOU. That's why we walk our clients through things with a TON of communication. We are understanding and respect boundaries, while still getting it done for you! Within a pretty quick amount of time, all our clients let go easily because they see results and it puts them at ease.

I have a hard time letting go of things, how do you make that work?

Seriously! This is something EVERY SINGLE ONE of our current clients has had to ask me. It really disappoints me and frankly makes me very irritated (not a strong enough word). I really can't believe the amount of horror stories I have heard. While obviously I can't portray massive amounts of trust over a typed paragraph, I'm a person of morals and high standards. If my client wasn't happy with me, I would hope we had a close enough relationship that I would know because we would be in communication. I also, like you, have no desire to work with someone who isn't happy with my work. If you've been burned by someone online claiming to be a web designer or marketer, please reach out to us! We are the real deal, here to help you succeed, because truly, our clients success is ours. ♥ 

I've had a bad experience, can I trust you?

Of course! Our goal is to help women in business. This includes doing whatever we can to help! Even if we aren't familiar with the platform or tools you use, we will always educate ourselves to work with a female business owner and support her.

Can I hire you for more than one service?