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I thought it might be a good idea to provide some history, to those of you new here, and if anyone ever comes back from Coins & Babble for all those loyal fans I have ?.

When I first started blogging, I only actually had two kids. That’s how bloody long it’s been! HA! Makes me feel old….?. I wrote articles like, “What to know before your special needs child starts kindergarten” or “Feeling Inadequate as a Mother”. But no, my Sir. E is graduating next year, so the vibe will be different, obviously. My Little Miss Psychopath is in Grade 4 and my Design Diva is finishing her last year of Junior High.

So, my blog got deleted. That sucked. Years of my life events and memories gone. I still feel inadequate as a mother though, so that article might come back! Others things have changed too that I want to update you on though. After my blog was deleted, I knew I needed to do something, so I started another my 3rd business. BBM (Beautiful Business Management) and we are in the process of adding a huge addition to this business, Beautiful Business Method. So, now I am blogger turned online business owner. I have 5 part-time employees, all moms of course. I do love my business, for the most part. I mean it’s great, it’s busy, and SUPER stressful, but it’s nice to be able to contribute to the household AND have a schedule I’m in control of. It’s also nice to be able to provide income to other moms. I think that’s one of my favourite parts. We do a lot of different things, but the main things are online business management and web design. My point here is that you can expect some articles on business too.

If you are a mom interested in working from home online, reach out to us and you can get a chance to be part of our test cohort for our new course! It’s all about how to start and succeed as an online business manager. On graduation of the course, you will have a fully functioning business with at least one client and your certificate in online business management.

Just thought I’d throw that out there for y’all.

Other than all that crap ⬆️, I’ve been busy with everything else that goes on in a special needs parent life. Therapy has come to an almost complete halt here, Sir. E is turning 17 next month and has absolutely no interest in anything therapy related. Now that he is nearly twice my size, I’m glad we have a fairly good communication style between us. I guess the therapy did something! He’s a pretty good kid all in all though. Teenagers are like having toddlers, you know when you’re 4 or 3 year old is all of the sudden like, “I can tie my own shoes!” and you have to sit there for like 20 minutes while your kid tries to tie their shoes. That’s what teenagers are like, they want to try things that they don’t really know how to do yet, so it either goes horribly wrong, OR they take forever to get it done. So keep those toddler skills, your going to need them.

All for now love,



March 2, 2023

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