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For Those Of You Reading

March 2, 2023


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Diary, Life, Special Needs Mama

This is not a new adventure for me. I wish I could say it was. But, truth be told, this is my 4th blog. Yup, you read that right.

I guess I will start by introducing myself…

Hi, I’m T. I’m a business owner, special needs mom, and endometriosis warrior. I have 3 kids, my oldest, Sir. E. is an almost 17 year old boy with Autism and ADHD. My middle, Design Diva is 14 years old and likes to sass me. Then there’s my youngest, whom we’ve affectionately nicknamed Little Miss Psychopath. I love my kids, but sometimes I don’t like them, especially as they become more….teenagery. You know what I mean?…

Mom Business Blog

Here we go again….

March 1, 2023


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Diary, Life