-David Allen

"You can do anything, but not everything."

Virtual Assistant

Everything from booking your meetings and managing your calendar to researching products or articles for you. We even can find the perfect restaurant for you to meet that picky client at! Having a virtual assistant can take the stress off of you and free your time so you can do what truly matters to you in your business instead of all the tiny things that take forever.

A VA should know your business and YOU through and through. They are basically a second you, speaking on your behalf, helping make major decisions, and giving you a listening ear when you need to flush out an idea, or just rant!

book chat

Just send an email or book a free consult and ask away! I love answering questions for women and providing any education I can. Whether you go with us or not, we're more than happy to answer questions. Our goal in business is to help other female entrepreneurs succeed, whether they are our clients or not, we want to see you find your full potential and celebrate your wins!

More questions?

You most definitely can! One of our biggest goals is to have happy, confident, stress free clients. We only ask for 14 days notice. While our clients pay on the first of each month, if you aren't happy with our service, or you have another appropriate reason for cancelling service, we will always pro-rate you if you are midway through the month. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Ya, tell me about it! Don't we all have that issue as business owners? It gets to the point where you're just like, "I can't keep up with this anymore, I have no idea what I'm doing and everything I try doesn't work!" But it's still hard to give it up, because your business is YOU. That's why we walk our clients through things with a TON of communication. We are understanding and respect boundaries, while still getting it done for you! Within a pretty quick amount of time, all our clients let go easily because they see results and it puts them at ease.

I have a hard time letting go of things, how do you make that work?

Seriously! This is something EVERY SINGLE ONE of our current clients has had to ask me. It really disappoints me and frankly makes me very irritated (not a strong enough word). I really can't believe the amount of horror stories I have heard. While obviously I can't portray massive amounts of trust over a typed paragraph, I'm a person of morals and high standards. If my client wasn't happy with me, I would hope we had a close enough relationship that I would know because we would be in communication. I also, like you, have no desire to work with someone who isn't happy with my work. If you've been burned by someone online claiming to be a web designer or marketer, please reach out to us! We are the real deal, here to help you succeed, because truly, our clients success is ours. ♥ 

I've had a bad experience, can I trust you?

Of course! Our goal is to help women in business. This includes doing whatever we can to help! Even if we aren't familiar with the platform or tools you use, we will always educate ourselves to work with a female business owner and support her.

Can I hire you for more than one service?