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Web Design & Build

Information Gathering & Web Questionnaire

After you've filled out our detailed Web Design Questionnaire, our web team sits down with you over the course of 1-2 meetings. We ask questions about the information we got from the questionnaire, and get to know more about you so we can create a perfect, beautiful website together. This is the point where you can begin to get your text copy together or make the decision to use our copywriting team. We get every single detail you have about your dream website and begin to plan it out with you.

We ensure you're involved in the entire process, and that you feel comfortable and at ease to ask any questions you have along the way. 

Interested in taking a peek at our questionnaire? Find it here.

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We begin to build your site map and create a guide for content. This guide includes your main topic and sub-topic areas. While putting all of this together and creating visuals, we make sure to keep your audience and avatar in mind. We also ensure a good user interface is being planned out and begin talking about what tech should be implemented.
In this step we start to grab your text copy and image copy and make any necessary changes or updates you need.

During this step, if you've chosen to add-on a branding package, we will be sending you brand templates, fonts and logo options that match your business and vision. 

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This is the phase all our clients get really excited in! Once we’ve nailed down the look and feel of the website and who it’s aimed at, we start to incorporate branding. Everything starts to get tweaked and come together. Our clients have full access to watch this process so that they can join us in our excitement as the site starts to feel real.
We make sure as we add more elements that we keep in mind our SEO strategy and are adding key words in all the right places.

At this point, if you've got a branding project with us, we will have finalized your branding to perfectly represent you and your business with custom colour's, font's and a one of a kind logo.

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Full Development

Now that your homepage and shell pages are created we begin to duplicate our agreed upon template and make the changes necessary to create additional pages. We take the content provided and created from steps 1 through 3 and distribute it appropriately throughout the site. This is also where we make elements such as e-commerce stores, LMS (Learning Management Systems), and other add-on's functional.

From 4 pages to 40 pages, we build all kinds of websites for clients. We make sure everything is optimized for mobile use, easy to navigate, and inclusive.

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Revision Sessions

We allow up to three sets or revisions for clients. While most often we only use two, I understand, as a very detailed business owner myself, that there are things you want perfect. So, if after two revision sessions of your website, you are still wanting to make a few changes, we only ask that you sit with your design for a week. Sometimes, after sitting with it, clients decide to leave it. It takes time to settle and for your mind to catch up with seeing your website come to life.

We make sure your website is perfect for mobile usage, easy to navigate, user friendly, and of course, inclusive in its text and visuals.

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SEO, Testing & Delivery

We thoroughly test each site in different browsers on different systems. We ensure every form, link and button does what it’s designed to do. We make sure everything looks great and is functional and user friendly across different mobile devices. It’s important that your code is checked now, because valid code means your site meets current development standards. We also check to make sure your site is SEO ready for launch and includes keywords your audience uses.

Did you know?
Different browsers, Operating systems, and add-ons running can all affect how your site looks, operates, and runs? We like to make sure no matter where someone sees you and your business, they see it accurately, just the way you want them to

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